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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Marty Has finally done it! Its gonna FUCKING ROCK!!!!!!!!!! thats right I cussed. I can do that here............ my blog baby! The 338 spectre upper. specs as follows..
Ameetec side charger
Les Baer lite weight carrier
DPMS 6.8 SPC bolt
PacNor 1 in 7 twist SS barrel, 10.5", threaded 5/8 x 24
Bushy Carbon 15 hand gaurd
Bushy Carbon 15 rail Posted by Picasa

My tattoo is nearing completion. I need to put some words on it but what? Posted by Picasa

arfcom. Truly a pro build. I still get kind of pissed seeing as how more and more guys are doing the whole "tan" camo thing due to the war...... even though they live here! but I'll forgive em. Posted by Picasa

arfcom. Take a close look.... you'll see skulls! Posted by Picasa

awwwww heck. another pic in homage to the movie won't hurt......... Posted by Picasa

Oh yeah. the movie that started it all. The first rifle i built was a copy of the one used in this scene in the professional. An olympic arms multimatch. It was a beutiful rifle. Those were the days. My buddy gave me the dvd as a gift seeing as how i'm the biggest "Leon" fan of all time. Posted by Picasa

arfcom. a carbon 15 shorty with an eotech. perfect for home defence. Posted by Picasa

what a set up. love the white background. it makes it all look so simple. Posted by Picasa

Another one from  Posted by Picasa