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Friday, November 04, 2005

Marty has done it again! He's made an AR upper chambered in the powerful 500 phantom cartridge. Here are his own words.... "We had developed the .500 Phantom originally for use in the AR-10 for firing .50 BMG bullets are subsonic velocities. But during some of the load development , we noticed that with the "smaller" bullets, the overall loaded length would fit in the
AR-15 magazine, and so the idea started taking shape" "Due to the larger size, only one style upper will work, namely the Olympic Arms WSSM upper. It uses most everything as is, just needs to have the barrel replaced and the mag lips milled off a bit. We opted for a 16" carbine, but with muzzle brake. Believe me, this wolf needs a muzzle" Posted by Picasa


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