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Monday, May 22, 2006

Clandestine Op: E3

How to sneak into the E3. How I've wanted to do this for 10 friggin years. But anyway, on to the meat of this mission. I work during the buildup of this show and found that security is VERY lacking. It was fairly simple. I sneak into a bathroom in a hall before the show begins. I change how I look. Wait till 1 hour after the show starts to mix into the croud. Yes there is a preperatory phase and it goes something like this. Heres what to pack.
a. 2 disposable razors
b. 1 mirror
c. 1 shirt
d. 1 pair of shoes
e. colored contacts
f. eye drops
g. the fake badge
h. 1 expo bag
I'm still a bit oblivious arent I? :) How do you get into the hall "BEFORE" the show starts? There are several ways. The show has to be setup a couple of weeks in advance. Security is at all entrances but they are very lax. If you claim to be one of the contractors for the buildup then claim to be picking up your wristband from another part of the expo that will keep lazy security off your butt so you can make entry in a nearby bathroom. Ok how about another way in? You can always apply for work for "Staff pro" or any of the other security groups that are contracted for the show. You'll have access to the interior and the timing will be better for when you make your move to infiltrate the show. The fake badge? Simple. The Internet! Do a google image search for E3 badge and your golden. Print the sucker up and place it into a plastic badge holder and thats it. Remember that they scan the badges at the entrance of the halls so you have to change in the bathrooms inside the hall.

I gott jam for now. I'll post more on this later.


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