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Monday, December 11, 2006

Hey guys I'm back!

Time to talk about another show I went to.... The SAR show!!!

oh and to the anonymous blogger who wanted info on the DSR-1....... I don't know! They do have a website that will answer your questions though.

Anywho on to the specifics. I have seen the light my children. I saw every small arm worth buying at the show. I met

- Tony Rumore of I didn't even realize i met the guy untill my smith told me i met him!
- Frank. Desomma of Patriot Ordnance Factory He sold me the new timney drop in trigger for the AR15...... And at a sweet price ;)

I met a load of others.... lemme think....... young mfg, MGI, hell i cant remember the rest.

If they had actually let me take pics it would have been a lot cooler!

The one thing i really did like was a lever action Marlin chambered in 500 smith & wesson. SWEET!