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Monday, March 12, 2007

AHHH yes. The mysteries of chicks!

Well......... not really. Its not so much that you can't figure them out. its when you do they deny everything so that you don't blab to your buddies on how they think and operate. Heaven forbid that us men learned their secrets and made an honest effort do what they wanted us to do. But wait! I'm getting ahead of myself! Let me clarify like only a man could.

Me and my girlfriend of 6 years were having a little discussion on us having a 3-some. She said that there was no discussion on the matter. Well me being a inquisitive individual and against her expectations I asked her "WHY?". She said that she didn't want to share me. I said "its not me you don't want to share, its my penis". Not wanting to acknowledge the most basic human need of sex, she quickly diverted her argument to that of a "emotional" one.
"I could never have anyone else touch me and then come back to you".

Sure you couldn't.

The argument of emotions over baser needs is
Of course we control ourselves not to beat others into a fine pulp when we get pissed off. Thats control. But to argue against what brought two people together in the first place AND what supposedly keeps them together is pure fallacy.

What about your old boyfriend? What about when you get drunk? What if and when you get tired of me? What if you cheat on me? What happens to those special feelings? Did they mean anything? What am I left with? How is it that your inability suddenly turned into an all out orgy when unexpected conditions where introduced? To think a womans "better" judgment is what keeps us men in line makes me cringe.

Now my girlfriend has closed off the lines of communication and I proudly sit writing this little post. Maybe in the near future, shows like "Oprah" and "The Hills" will give the fairer sex an inkling on how to act realistically with their better half.......... But I won't hold my breath.