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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I knew I chose wisely

Online forums are a great place to have your questions answered and to brain storm with everyone else on whatever topic you like. I found this little tidbit from the forums.


Gunsmith to the Gods

Finally it has arrived \:D , I have 30,000 rounds available right now, another 30,000 will deliver next month.

Specs, 139 Lapua Scenar at 2820 FPS (24" barreled test rifle)
OAL is 2.820, Remington Brass.

Price $535 per 500 $225 per 200 Single boxes are $23 each
+ Shipping (About $8-12 a case)
Call Tracy to order (816) 221-1844
Email George
George Gardner, G.A. Precision

Well holy crap! A buck a round for match ammo instead of 5 bucks or more? That does it for me.


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