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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The search for the ultimate sniper system.

I've been talking a lot with my buddy about caliber selection and such. Also about what platform would be best for this "ultimate" cartridge. Weight is one concern. Along with portability, recoil, immediate and long term cost, and tons of other considerations.

So how do I start? I thought what are the end requirements for the system meaning what do I intend to do with it. Maybe a short list is in order.

1. Easily carry able by one person.
2. Light enough to run with. gun AND gear.
3. Cost effective in terms of ammo. cuz ya still gotta practice.
4. small drop and drift.
5. defeats armor. I'll explain why later.

Now this is not a complete list. But as time goes by i'll be adding small tidbits of info to this to see what fleshes out. Now another thing I wanted to do was compile a list of possible scenario's where the system would come into play. Keep in mind that I look at this through a civilians perspective. Police and military will come into play as I add them.

Keep in mind these scenario's will probably never happen but how else can I start without throwing some BS out there.

1. The riots have hit my part of town! ..... yes "again". And now its 3 am and all hell has broken loose in my neighborhood. I look out the window of my second story room and see vandals trying to break into a buddy's house a block away. I grab the rifle and take aim.

Now I know I left a lot out of that one. Like how do I know they are "unfriendly's"? Well this is one. I'm not saying its perfect but I have no real instances to go with

2. The Riots continue. 2pm I walk to the main street to run to the market to try and salvage some grub for me and my own. I look down the main street and see a group of baddies, fully armed and armored, walking down the street along side a slow moving convoy of cars, shooting whatever they see move, throwing Molotov's at the buildings they pass (wow! what an imagination). They are about 3 street lights away and closing. I find a good position to engage and take aim.

Holy crap! I should be writing books!!!!! But anyway these are what-ifs. And they are a hell of a lot better that the stupid zombie crap i've been seeing on the forums. SHTF my ass!!!

Well then the start of this is out there. In the coming .. months i'll be scouring the net, asking guys at the range, and asking some industry peoples about this. Whatever I come up with I'll post. Please leave your thoughts on this matter. Calibers, platforms, scenario's, comments, and critiques are all welcome.


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