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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thought about it some more

As of late I've been thinking of an AR10 based 260 rem out of a 20 inch barrel.
Now some of you may be saying "why limit yourself to a 20 inch barrel"?
Well there is the weight and size constraint I placed on this system. But the ballistics of the 260 rem would still bust loads of ass out of a 20 inch barrel. Anything out of an ar15 would be hard pressed to keep up with that.

I have been thinking about stock and handguard selections. There is reasoning behind that as well. The stock must be collapsible. Having it this way saves on weight, and length obviously. the hanguard must be either a ARMS S.I.R or a PRI with a full length rail. Reason being they are the only intergrated solutions for mounting a long scope. Now you might be thinking what about a extended rail or a larue mount. Aint no Larue mount for what I'm mounting!

Oh! And about the whole AR10 thing. I know a bolt action would be loads lighter but a thought hit me. The system must be semi auto. If this was bolt action then there would be no discussion and I would be building a 338 lapua mag. But we're building a runner here. A quick setup and takedown rifle with flat ballistics and fast sight picture. Last thing I need is to do the math on something I could snap shoot. And if I miss......... well.... thats what the semi auto is for. A quick adjustment and pull of the trigger and the deed is done. Plus the 338lapua mag would cost 4 dollars a mistake. Not too great when your running and gunning. More details as they arise.

I think I got a winner here!


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