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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Damn load choices!

Well i've backtracked yet again.

Its either the .308 win or the .260 rem.

Either I have superior ballistic performance or the safety of knowing my ammo supply wouldn't dry up. Decisions decisions.....

To decide (again) I have to ask myself questions... hmmmm ok.

1. Do both calibers coincide with the parameters set for the "ultimate" sniping system?
........ almost. In question to the armor defeating capabilities.

The 308 win does have loads available that would be able to defeat soft armor BUT those loads aren't available to the public and would have to be loaded at home. I can have the same results with the 260 rem and not have to deal with loading my own, even though i'd have to later on anyway so why not just have the flatter shooting caliber in the first place?

2. Ammo availability and practicing. Can it be done?
......sure ...... maybe..

This is a tough one. The entire civilized world and some parts of space know about the 308 winchester. Brass, bullets, various loads, package deals, parts pertaining to, and hell even lesser informed shooters all cater to the 308 win. The 260 rem? Well not so much.

I'm gonna have to think about this one for a while. It seems more questions have to be asked.


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