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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The SAR show and the Sniping rig

Well its about that time again. The SAR show has rolled around and its time to make my trek to Arizona. This time though there will be something on my wish list.......

I've decided on the sniping system. It will be an AR10 based mk-12 mod-0. Hmmmmmm tasty!

This one here is from edwin907 off of ARFCOM. Now imagine the same rifle with an AR10 action. Mine shall be a slightly scaled up version. I remember I made a parts list to start collecting. So first things first. MAGS!!! Lots of mags! I figure ten mags will get me started. But where to look?

I found a deal of the forums and its a doozy.

Yup thats right, Armalite is having a sale! (this is the part where I hop gingerly up and down while snickering in a high pitched voice) heeheeheeheeheeheehee!!!!!

For about 300 dollars plus shipping I'll have the mags and cross another thing off my list.
I'll post the specs and parts list in my next post.


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