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Monday, December 17, 2007

Some add ons

I seem to have missed some additional parts plus a change on my parts list.
  1. Kac Qd Carbine tube sling mount.
  2. Pri accessory rail. (for the handguard)
  3. Switch the Spectre Sop sling to Tactical Interventions Quick Cuff Model two sling
  4. Kac Qd Stock sling mount.

Now if there are any arguers against this switch I say this...... I liked the arm cuff option.

...... what?!?!?

Its cool! Cool I say! It makes those off hand shots that much easier, and dare I say it again, cooler as well.

thanx goes out to edwin907 again for the inspiration. And what inspiration it is!

hmmmmmmm yeah thats the stuff

Let me add a few more things to the list since I'm here.
  1. Aimpoint micro t-1
  2. Leupold ARD
Well I guess thats enough for now.


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