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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Shot show interests. and others

Well the shot show came and went. And Arfconians this year where treated to a lot of shot show pics. Here are some I found quite interesting.

lets begin with this one

there is the matech adjustment base for the aimpoint micro. its like a mini elcan

oh and heres is magpuls tactical lunchbox! Notice the glock slide. I was thinking that it wouldnt take much to machine a folding grip/stock combo for a regular glock. And with the Sig p250 out it wouldnt be that hard for home machinists to try something similar out!

And last but not least it seems that the 5.7 AR15 upper has somehow revived itself. I hope the same problems that killed the first incantation of the 5.7 upper doesn't kill this one.

Well lets get back to regular pics I can pine over. An mrp with a regular car stock and it looks good? Who would've thought?
Now I don't think this is what Magpul had intended when they where drawing up the UBR design.

A full on Knights armament rifle. Just add an specter DR and your ready to go!


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