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Saturday, July 19, 2008

A new combo.

A while back I was thinking of setting up firearms to compliment each other. IE: each firearm accomplishes a different task towards an overall scenario. Granted no one can pick the best combo and you can only really come close to it. And of course no one should be picking firearm combos before actually knowing what they're getting into. With that being said here is my perfect combo......... for this week.

Desert Tactical Arms : Stealth Recon Scout

Caliber: 338 LM
Mag Capacity: 5 rds
Weight: Approx 11.6 lbs
Barrel Length: 26"
Overall Length: 37.5"


  • Quick Barrel Conversion
  • Fluted Match Free Floated Barrel (Threaded for Suppressor 3/4" x 24")
  • Adjustable Match Trigger Tapered 34mm One-Piece Rings (available in 20, 35, and 40 MOA tapers)
  • Pictanny Accessory Rails with Integral Flush Mounted Sling Points
The reason I picked this one is that its a bullpup, and a lot cheaper that the DSR-1. Now don't get me wrong i like the DSR-1 and all but have you seen how much that damn thing is? Please!
Top this baby off with an S&B, maybe a pvs-22, give it an AWC can and BLAMMO! You got a very portable, flat shooting, sniper system.

Bushmaster ACR or Magpul Masada
I got this pick from Zack Smith's website. Sorry but it was the only place I could find the configuration I liked (7.62 and long handguard for "integral" look suppressor). I would love the masada in 7.62x39. The ammo and mags are cheap and plentiful. True that I could have picked a regular AKM and have been done with it but the top rail just makes for better mounting options.
Oh and forget the 6.8 spc. Dont even mention that round here. If it actually makes it down to a dime a round then I'll consider it in an AR15. Till then its all about the Masada.


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