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Monday, November 24, 2008

My rant on Reality Television

Ever since the first "Survivor" episode all those years ago I thought that reality based TV was supposed to be a valid replacement for the unbelievable plots, boring shtick, and redundant cliche's that had plaqued television since the god awful 80's.

Now I'm sitting here watching even more cliche's, shtick, and absolutly no plot at all. No story to be told. No happy or sad ending. No morals to be taught. Just a bunch of hateable characters, an evil producer running the show, and some jackass on a synthesizer making up crappy music as the show progresses. Theres so much to hate for todays reality TV programming that I've automatically written off the entire decade as being the 80"s all over again.

And if your still wondering....... YES...... I did hate the 80's!!!!!

There was so much potential. But the powers that be decided that good storytelling wasn't true entertainment anymore. They decided that my life would be enriched by watching "the hills". All of that drama! WOW! Watching other people in petty squabbles over and over and over and over again. Like I didnt see that on a daily basis by the mental defects that surround me. And then a review of the show???? With an audience? WTF???!!?!?

What the hell is wrong here?


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