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Monday, April 13, 2009

Decisions Decisions

Well the AR10 project is almost complete and it seems that I'm back to square one! What I ended up building was an Armalite Super SASS! Hmmmmm, not so great for the "ultimate" urban sniper rifle. Don't get me wrong, .308 is the perfect round in the long run, but as for perfect its far off. My parameters were clear when it came to what I wanted out of this rifle, and it does meet the standard. Only problem is there are rifles that already meet this standard and thats not what I'm about....

I'm about exceeding expectations.

SO!!!!..... I've got to start thinking of a new upper, rather a new caliber.

Theres the 7mm wsm. It shoots flat and has enough energy at the longer ranges for good knock down power. The 338 RCM. The same external ballistics as the 168gr 308 win but with a 225gr bullet. Hmmmm. This requires more thought.

Anyway, Been trying to get in shape for the Run N' Gun N' the Sun event down in Texas. Heres roughly what i'm trying to go for.......

Yeah laugh it up, but I'll get there. Just need to cut out my daily intake of bacon and twinkies!

Another thought. A good 3-gun combo. I was thinking a benelli, an mk23, and an AR10. Obviously I'm thinking heavy metal class. (excuse the ar15 pic, just use your imagination)

But heres the kicker, This combo isn't a true heavy metal class. "why" you ask? Well for one thing the optics not allowed, the pistol has to be single stack, and the shotgun has to be pump! What a load of crap! What old fatass came up with this rule? Theres nothing remotly realistic or tactical about those restrictions.

Oh in other news. I've got a pic of the new LMT 308. Its by SMGLee from the Arfcom forums. (credit where its due). I just had to show it.

SEXY!!! The only problem I see with it would be the lack of different caliber barrels...... Which only LMT can make! weak. I mean cmon, your gonna make a propriatary quick change barrel and only offer one, maybe two calibers and different lengths? LAME!!!! Like I'm Gonna burn a 308 so fast I'd need the quick change feature. Otherwise a very sexy rifle.

Oh a little heads up for those coverting an AR10t upper into a sass one. It seems that...

1. The gas port on the barrel has to be drilled bigger. (no duhhh)

2. The sass gastube is shorter! (whaaaaaa!!!!)

Let me show you!

Yes yes, I measured again and again. Thats not an optical illusion, the gas tube is straight. And yes it didnt go as far into the receiver. But hey, it works anyway.

Well untill next time, Ciao.


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