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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Range Report

Well it was time to try out the upper. So off I went to "A place to shoot". My first time there it was small compared to "West End" over in Fontana, But was still nice though.

My buddy brought her over. Mind you she still aint done so don't give me any $hit.
That Leupold has a Premier Reticles Gen2 reticle, it looks awesome.
Picture aint that clear but you can kinda see the hash marks between the dots...... Well no I guess you can't. I'll get a better pic later.

My buddy prepares to drill the gas port larger. Damn thing was short stroking as soon as I put the Sass gasblock on.

The green circled ones are the first few shots while I was testing the cycling of the upper. The red circled groups are what I was zeroing with. After I get the barrel painted I'll do a final zero and do my best at printing a small group.

And here's one more pic. Yup she's almost there, just a few more parts to go.


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