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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Project Urban Sniper: Complete

After a long while of talking, planning, gathering, machining, and procrastinating, my urban sniper is now complete. This one took a while to finish but I'm glad its over. Some of you may be wondering "Hey! This guy promised perfection!" I'll tell you this much kids, perfection lies not in the part but in the whole. A 260 rem may make a better shooting rifle, but since i wouldn't be shooting it as much it would take out of me learning to be a better shooter, and that my friends is what separates safe queen hoarders and those who want to progress in their craft.

Well thats enough bullshit. On with the pics!Yes! Those are 5 lowers ready for the anodizers. And how pretty they looked when they came back. After the rifle was assembled, tested, sexually assualted, and put away, it was time to really test it. Which takes us to..............

The Mojave Desert. A cruel bitch when it comes to weather conditions. But not when shooting is involved! Its like Disneyland......... But with guns!!!
All the guys came down for Randall's class. The drive was okay.

After setting up and breifing it was time to shoot.The guys had some pretty nice rigs, almost all of them were bolt actions.
Mine however was not quite the norm. I went with a collapsible stock for mobility and surprisingly enough the recoil was less than a full size buffer in an A2 stock.shooter to my right. Howdy!shooter to my left. Nice AICS stock. several shooters had aics stocks on their rigs that day.Randall was spotting for the first half of the shoot. We zeroed at 100. and took down the come ups for several targets between 250 and 1005 yards.
these were the 100 yard targets at the bottom there. im not even going to attempt to show any target beyond 600 yards. Way to far! But me being the only inexperienced long range shooter there, the other shooters had to direct me to the targets. Wow it was far!Amongst the 100yard targets the first one was the pool ball target. You had to shoot stripes or solids when the round started and short time to complete it. The winner of the match and his rig. He did pretty damn good. He did get a stuck casing off a bad round. But that didnt stop him at all. He got a camel-bak from another shooter for winning. Thats the other thing about the guys I shoot with, all a bunch of class-acts!And there I am. In all my glory! Well thats it for this rite up. I will be taking this puppy to test at a 3-gun match so i'll take pics of that one.


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