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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clothes make the man.

Well a new idea hit me today. I caught a glimpse of a movie with Russel Crow and there was this scene where some guy pops an AR together, gets dressed in some bdu's and goes off to kill Russell Crow.... In the city....... I thought WTF!?! Why would anyone get dressed in bdu's to go do some dirty work..... In the goddam city!?!

Ya see kids this is why I don't watch movies that often. Some jackass comes up with the concept of curving bullets and WAM! They make the movie "wanted"! Which by the way I will never watch. Or "titanic". Or the "twilight" series.

But getting back to the point I thought why isn't there a better way of dressing appropriatly for a night on the town? Someones gotta think up something right?


And so begins my next project, project "Urban Outfitterrrr......wait. I can't use that. How bout project "A.crew"! Kinda like J.crew but not gay! :)

I'll post my findings later on.


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