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Monday, November 28, 2011

Crap a year has gone by!

I had almost completely forgotten that I had a blog in the first place! Let me run down the reasons I've been too busy to update the blog 1. I have a full time job. 2. I have a full time family. 3. I have a life! But seriously I've been seeing a lot of things that I probably should have posted. for example.... I went to SHOT show, saw a great deal of vendors, mfg's, and wholesalers excited to get my business. I got about 10 pairs of surefire ear-pros for free there. Those plugs are great. Project urban sniper has had 440 rounds through it so far. a thing of beauty. pay no attention to the rig to its left but i did build that for around 50 bucks, camelback included.
I've been talking with a fellow gunner and we put our heads together for a new project. I don't want to bring madness in terms of you guys asking me questions about time lines and crap like that so I'll just say this. 338 lapua, mag fed, bolt action upper, AR accessories galore.
J-crew. I've actually halted tests cause I'm going to be selling soon! I've built an eCommerce site with ONLY the best in clothing and gear. But the problem is i cant do anymore reviews until i have all my vendors lined up. I have to keep this fair. and believe me when i say I would never push crap! Prototyping brings perspective onto things and while I was playing around with plastic i thought why not build a 45?
Well I cant promise that I'll update regularly, and i cant promise that I'll post all of my projects but..... wait there are no buts. I cant guarantee anything!


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