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Friday, March 02, 2012

Shot Show Chassis Hunt

Well after much planning, rushing, and finally getting bumped into by everyone it happened. I survived another year of shot show madness. Among the sea of retailers, manufacturers, leo's, mil's, spooks, nuts, vets, "entitled folk", bloggers, and salesman there I was, your everyday regular joe trying to see what interesting bits there were to see. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I haven't talked about my new project! In my last post I talked about a new AR patterned bolt action that I was in the process of designing. Another shooter was helping with the adaptation of a bigger mag and blah blah blah..... Why talk your ear off with crap that didnt pan out? Its just another project on the back burner. So I still want a bolt action. Just not ready to take that kind of time to design a receiver. What I did want to talk about was the chassis I saw. I got an EDM'd blank for a bolt action from gary breiling and the chassis is the first thing I wanted to focus on. First up, Eberlestock's Chassis. A very sleek and pricey package. This is one that I really considered for my build. I'm going with either a 300winmag or 338lapua. I haven't yet decided. But being able to accept both short and long remmy actions is a plus. And the fact that everything has been shrunk down, minimalised, and streamlined really makes me want it that much more!
Next The JAE stock for the rem 700. Been reading about how this is unobtainium but I dont think they would have shown up to shot without having something to sell. Would have been a real contender for the crown IF it was able to fold! Otherwise its just a nice looking aics.
Racs on racs on racs!!!!!! Unobtanium. and I'm sorry about the song reference...... moving on.
Ahhhhh the Whiskey 3 Chassis. I like this one cause it has that "i'm a European sharpshooter" sorta look to it. Very sexy. But it has no mount for a forward mounting NV (yet). And there's no long action version either (yet). Am I willing to wait? Of course! I can be patient for sexiness.
I don't think a lot of people saw this coming. Desert Tactical's Sword Chassis. A soon to be available chassis that's been in my thoughts for a while. Not a lot is wrong with it in terms of function. Don't know whether they have plans for a long action or not but hey!!! Why didn't they release a bullpup version of their chassis? They do make bullpup bolt action rifles so whats the deal? I know the guy workin the booth told me about connecting rods for triggers and difficulties in terms of installation but doesn't he KNOW who I am???...... I'm the goddamn gunman!
The Tac21 chassis. There's a lot of good things going on in this pic..... a lot of good things. This chassis was actually what I was going to build! An "armalitatized" bolt action. (note to self, copyrite the word armalitatized!)
Now the tubb 2000 shouldn't be on my list of chassis since its considered a complete gun and mcmillan doesn't sell a chassis for a remmy. But since i'm starting from a blank, it doesn't mean that the receiver i'll build will conform to the remington gameplan. I might make a chassis similar to this.
hmm..... ummmm. I actually forgot what company this was! They're based out of Atlanta. The booth guy was very nice and professional. hmmm. NOPE. I cant remember shit. If its not tacmod, mcree precision, or xlr industries then i'm sorry. moving on.
Finally the AICS. And I know I'm missing the AX but hear me out. You really cant go wrong with the original. Its what made a lot of people opt out of getting a wood or a fiberglass stock in the first place. Which is why i haven't posted one of those types of stocks here today. The AICS deserves honorable mention and with the release of viperskins.... you never know.
Now to sum this up i'm sorry if I didn't post anything on the AX, the SABER-FORSST, MANNERS, any other tube gun. Honestly my search did start with competitionshootingstuff's remington RTM. Unfortunately I didn't see any of you guys at the show. I know some of you were there but my girlfriend had to drag me away when Chris Costa Showed up. I wanted to compare chest hair and my girlfriend somehow couldn't see something like that going down.


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