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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gun control

When it comes to what I've been hearing lately, it really seems that the government really has come to the point of passing some of the worst laws ever....... to be completely ignored by the citizens at large!

I'll tell you the truth I was very worried when the media and government went up in arms and brought the argument of guns again. But as of now i'm excited at the current results if gun control becomes successful. Allow me to point out some conclusions.

1. Reduced public opinion on those in .gov positions.
     If it wasnt painfully apparent to these polititians that supporting positions against public opinion was bad for their careers in the long run, then i guess hindsight will be 20/20 for them after theyre voted out of office.

2. Compliant companies going broke.

    Its universal for companies to be neutral when it comes to political opinions but some companies have opened their big mouths in efforts to ride the fake wave of positive public opinion. Lets see how positive it is when it affects sales negatively.
There is a simple key performance indicator (kpi) formula that all companies should follow...

Gun control support = loss in sales!

3. Real LEO support

     This one is a good one. While most unseasoned cops will blindly follow all orders to comply with performance reviews, the more seasoned vets who have more wisdom, seniority, and usually rank higher in the food chain, department wise, will either outright refuse to  enforce stupidity or secretly do it while still keeping their civilian shooting buddies.

See you at the range.

4. Further seperation of idiots.

     The amount of empathy for these gun control supporters has become zero. Any kindness or service that may have come to these people is gone now. Theyve made their choice.

5  "NO! I will not comply"

     its not just a saying, its a movement. These laws WILL be ignored. How can i stress this enough to anyone that supports this stupidity. You cant make a law to force people to care. It doesnt work that way. 


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