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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Producing the goods

Seems that theres been a lot of different products comming out lately, and the desire to produce something of my own has been building up. The products themselves are nothing new, in fact the term "game changer" has lost all meaning for me. Kind of like the word "hero" was being thrown around the last ten years. The products may not be that special but the manufacturing techniques employed are what I want to focus on today. Its sort of an idea I had on manufacturing. What if the product design I produced was not based on the necessity it covered,  but the type of manufacturing that produced it? Lets take a look at some types of making stuff and the possibilities surrounding it.

1. 3D printing

Probably one of the fastest growing types of production. It has gained a following due to how easy it is to learn and set up your own machine. In fact I'm making my own!
The plans or mor specifically the outline of different types are available online. I wont go into it too much but if you google reprap and cnc router you'll pretty much get what the idea is.
now on with the ideas. we have probably all seen the plastic printed AR 15 lower. and we've almost all saw the one 3d printed gun The Liberator. but I think we're missing out on what the 3d printer really capable of. imagine if you will coming up with a design for a new type of AR 15 or AR 10 lower. now imagine printing it out , function testing it, and finally casting it! a lost wax investment casting of a 3d printed lower would not be that out of reach for the regular home smith. just google home foundry.

2. Lazer cutting, edm, water jet

I group these types of manufacturing together because it was very limited in the sense of what I could use it for in the gun industry. other than small parts most of these types of manufacturing wouldn't be able to produce on their own bigger parts such as receivers, handguards and the like. as for a good idea with these types of manufacturing services I had a couple. the first is the design and cutting a very small flat parts such as trigger groups and extractors. another idea would be making monocores for suppressors. and finally only the simplest design of tube receiver would be able to be worked out on this sort of deal. Also there have been lower designs that would cut up a lower into layer form and then either welded or screwed together.

3. Machining

Not much to say. The capabilities are well known

4. Stamping

This has the best potential to encompass the three qualities of any gun part or gun itself. ease of high production manufacture in relation to power expended. tolerance of parts to each other. and finally strength of individual part stamped.

I think the understanding of manufacturing types increases the designs that could be imagined.


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