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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Obligatory post

It tragic ain't it?ious I don't post as often anymore. I do have a life. But there are days I spot my old blog and wonder...... there anything of value that I can post?.....

The answer is No.

...well there is this pic here.

tragic aint it?

Friday, November 08, 2013


my current job has me driving for hours on end. so I decided to post a small rant.

be fore warned this will have more questions than answers.

how thick can a suppressor wipe be? pistol or rifle? durometer of the material used?

I found a very cheap 512 gigabyte USB Drive. that's actually bigger than my current hard drive. and only half the size of my external drive. how long before magnetic disk drives are all phased out of existence?

I've been playing around with the concept of making an all in one shooting solution for the everyday precision rifle and tactical gunner. I would use an Arduino board or the like an add as many sensors as can be used. the only problem is the form factor. how does one make it as useful for a rifle to the point where people would not imagine themselves without one, and at the same time not be limited to using one particularly type of rifle accessorie or proprietary equipment?

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Producing the goods

Seems that theres been a lot of different products comming out lately, and the desire to produce something of my own has been building up. The products themselves are nothing new, in fact the term "game changer" has lost all meaning for me. Kind of like the word "hero" was being thrown around the last ten years. The products may not be that special but the manufacturing techniques employed are what I want to focus on today. Its sort of an idea I had on manufacturing. What if the product design I produced was not based on the necessity it covered,  but the type of manufacturing that produced it? Lets take a look at some types of making stuff and the possibilities surrounding it.

1. 3D printing

Probably one of the fastest growing types of production. It has gained a following due to how easy it is to learn and set up your own machine. In fact I'm making my own!
The plans or mor specifically the outline of different types are available online. I wont go into it too much but if you google reprap and cnc router you'll pretty much get what the idea is.
now on with the ideas. we have probably all seen the plastic printed AR 15 lower. and we've almost all saw the one 3d printed gun The Liberator. but I think we're missing out on what the 3d printer really capable of. imagine if you will coming up with a design for a new type of AR 15 or AR 10 lower. now imagine printing it out , function testing it, and finally casting it! a lost wax investment casting of a 3d printed lower would not be that out of reach for the regular home smith. just google home foundry.

2. Lazer cutting, edm, water jet

I group these types of manufacturing together because it was very limited in the sense of what I could use it for in the gun industry. other than small parts most of these types of manufacturing wouldn't be able to produce on their own bigger parts such as receivers, handguards and the like. as for a good idea with these types of manufacturing services I had a couple. the first is the design and cutting a very small flat parts such as trigger groups and extractors. another idea would be making monocores for suppressors. and finally only the simplest design of tube receiver would be able to be worked out on this sort of deal. Also there have been lower designs that would cut up a lower into layer form and then either welded or screwed together.

3. Machining

Not much to say. The capabilities are well known

4. Stamping

This has the best potential to encompass the three qualities of any gun part or gun itself. ease of high production manufacture in relation to power expended. tolerance of parts to each other. and finally strength of individual part stamped.

I think the understanding of manufacturing types increases the designs that could be imagined.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gun control

When it comes to what I've been hearing lately, it really seems that the government really has come to the point of passing some of the worst laws ever....... to be completely ignored by the citizens at large!

I'll tell you the truth I was very worried when the media and government went up in arms and brought the argument of guns again. But as of now i'm excited at the current results if gun control becomes successful. Allow me to point out some conclusions.

1. Reduced public opinion on those in .gov positions.
     If it wasnt painfully apparent to these polititians that supporting positions against public opinion was bad for their careers in the long run, then i guess hindsight will be 20/20 for them after theyre voted out of office.

2. Compliant companies going broke.

    Its universal for companies to be neutral when it comes to political opinions but some companies have opened their big mouths in efforts to ride the fake wave of positive public opinion. Lets see how positive it is when it affects sales negatively.
There is a simple key performance indicator (kpi) formula that all companies should follow...

Gun control support = loss in sales!

3. Real LEO support

     This one is a good one. While most unseasoned cops will blindly follow all orders to comply with performance reviews, the more seasoned vets who have more wisdom, seniority, and usually rank higher in the food chain, department wise, will either outright refuse to  enforce stupidity or secretly do it while still keeping their civilian shooting buddies.

See you at the range.

4. Further seperation of idiots.

     The amount of empathy for these gun control supporters has become zero. Any kindness or service that may have come to these people is gone now. Theyve made their choice.

5  "NO! I will not comply"

     its not just a saying, its a movement. These laws WILL be ignored. How can i stress this enough to anyone that supports this stupidity. You cant make a law to force people to care. It doesnt work that way. 

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Out of the loop

seems I've been out of it for a while. I need to get back into the whole typing thing. But with work and all, it's like I can't get anything good on to blog anymore.

since last year everybody came out with their own Chassis System for a bolt action.

nylon Goods have reached an all time high and everybody has gotten in on it.

what companies are investing in in-house machining capabilities and since that's the case research and development costs have gotten lower and people are coming out with weirder and weirder crap

I recently messed with the couple of vortex scopes. those things are awesome. I compared them side by side with eotech and an acog. the scope outshined the other 2 by having a really nice field of view, a nice sharp reticle, and some really nice glass.

Other than that it seems that I need to start producing....

Friday, March 02, 2012

Project: First Projo

So i'm at the Shot Show right, and this guy comes up to me and says "go look" and I say "ok" so I look and what do I see?
The CRKT Booth huh.... Ok. What swag do they have?
A stainless Steel Spork thingy. Niiiiiiiice. Thanx. Hey What is that? My daughter would love that! I can have one? Really? Thank you good sir!
The wooden knife is just that, a wooden knife! It comes as a parts kit and when my daughter and me finished it I was very happy. She wants to take a soldering iron and put our names on the side. Its the small things that really make you happy i guess. Kudos to CRKT for comming up with such a great product! You have made a customer for life.

Shot Show Chassis Hunt

Well after much planning, rushing, and finally getting bumped into by everyone it happened. I survived another year of shot show madness. Among the sea of retailers, manufacturers, leo's, mil's, spooks, nuts, vets, "entitled folk", bloggers, and salesman there I was, your everyday regular joe trying to see what interesting bits there were to see. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I haven't talked about my new project! In my last post I talked about a new AR patterned bolt action that I was in the process of designing. Another shooter was helping with the adaptation of a bigger mag and blah blah blah..... Why talk your ear off with crap that didnt pan out? Its just another project on the back burner. So I still want a bolt action. Just not ready to take that kind of time to design a receiver. What I did want to talk about was the chassis I saw. I got an EDM'd blank for a bolt action from gary breiling and the chassis is the first thing I wanted to focus on. First up, Eberlestock's Chassis. A very sleek and pricey package. This is one that I really considered for my build. I'm going with either a 300winmag or 338lapua. I haven't yet decided. But being able to accept both short and long remmy actions is a plus. And the fact that everything has been shrunk down, minimalised, and streamlined really makes me want it that much more!
Next The JAE stock for the rem 700. Been reading about how this is unobtainium but I dont think they would have shown up to shot without having something to sell. Would have been a real contender for the crown IF it was able to fold! Otherwise its just a nice looking aics.
Racs on racs on racs!!!!!! Unobtanium. and I'm sorry about the song reference...... moving on.
Ahhhhh the Whiskey 3 Chassis. I like this one cause it has that "i'm a European sharpshooter" sorta look to it. Very sexy. But it has no mount for a forward mounting NV (yet). And there's no long action version either (yet). Am I willing to wait? Of course! I can be patient for sexiness.
I don't think a lot of people saw this coming. Desert Tactical's Sword Chassis. A soon to be available chassis that's been in my thoughts for a while. Not a lot is wrong with it in terms of function. Don't know whether they have plans for a long action or not but hey!!! Why didn't they release a bullpup version of their chassis? They do make bullpup bolt action rifles so whats the deal? I know the guy workin the booth told me about connecting rods for triggers and difficulties in terms of installation but doesn't he KNOW who I am???...... I'm the goddamn gunman!
The Tac21 chassis. There's a lot of good things going on in this pic..... a lot of good things. This chassis was actually what I was going to build! An "armalitatized" bolt action. (note to self, copyrite the word armalitatized!)
Now the tubb 2000 shouldn't be on my list of chassis since its considered a complete gun and mcmillan doesn't sell a chassis for a remmy. But since i'm starting from a blank, it doesn't mean that the receiver i'll build will conform to the remington gameplan. I might make a chassis similar to this.
hmm..... ummmm. I actually forgot what company this was! They're based out of Atlanta. The booth guy was very nice and professional. hmmm. NOPE. I cant remember shit. If its not tacmod, mcree precision, or xlr industries then i'm sorry. moving on.
Finally the AICS. And I know I'm missing the AX but hear me out. You really cant go wrong with the original. Its what made a lot of people opt out of getting a wood or a fiberglass stock in the first place. Which is why i haven't posted one of those types of stocks here today. The AICS deserves honorable mention and with the release of viperskins.... you never know.
Now to sum this up i'm sorry if I didn't post anything on the AX, the SABER-FORSST, MANNERS, any other tube gun. Honestly my search did start with competitionshootingstuff's remington RTM. Unfortunately I didn't see any of you guys at the show. I know some of you were there but my girlfriend had to drag me away when Chris Costa Showed up. I wanted to compare chest hair and my girlfriend somehow couldn't see something like that going down.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Crap a year has gone by!

I had almost completely forgotten that I had a blog in the first place! Let me run down the reasons I've been too busy to update the blog 1. I have a full time job. 2. I have a full time family. 3. I have a life! But seriously I've been seeing a lot of things that I probably should have posted. for example.... I went to SHOT show, saw a great deal of vendors, mfg's, and wholesalers excited to get my business. I got about 10 pairs of surefire ear-pros for free there. Those plugs are great. Project urban sniper has had 440 rounds through it so far. a thing of beauty. pay no attention to the rig to its left but i did build that for around 50 bucks, camelback included.
I've been talking with a fellow gunner and we put our heads together for a new project. I don't want to bring madness in terms of you guys asking me questions about time lines and crap like that so I'll just say this. 338 lapua, mag fed, bolt action upper, AR accessories galore.
J-crew. I've actually halted tests cause I'm going to be selling soon! I've built an eCommerce site with ONLY the best in clothing and gear. But the problem is i cant do anymore reviews until i have all my vendors lined up. I have to keep this fair. and believe me when i say I would never push crap! Prototyping brings perspective onto things and while I was playing around with plastic i thought why not build a 45?
Well I cant promise that I'll update regularly, and i cant promise that I'll post all of my projects but..... wait there are no buts. I cant guarantee anything!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Project "a-crew": a short on jackets.

A while back I wrote about urban clothing with tactical uses. 
I found several useful types of clothing and learned that most 
of us already know what works.

First off let me say that I don't see myself using really 
expensive pieces of clothing. I can understand the benefits 
and the necessety that these items provide sometimes so don't 
give me crap about it. Let me just start on what I've messed 

I've settled on the blackwater spec ops jacket. Out of all 
the jackets I've been using it gave the most amount of utility 
while still looking really good. It's becomming my go to jacket 
when the weather turns bad.

Some background. I've tried the thick patrol jackets and the 
patrol jackets with thinsulate pile on the liner. They are 
pretty rugged and lite but get in the way when you reach for 
anything, get wet if you stay in the rain to long, and just 
feel wierd. Not something I want to wear too long.

Athletic type thin jackets. A step in the right direction 
but still cuts it short...... Way short! Even when layering 
it doesn't even cut it as a top layer. And if I was going to 
use it for cold weather that I knew I was going to work in 
I'd wear a long sleeve shirt and pop on a windbreaker after. 
Or wear that blackhawk jacket!

It is pretty sweet. If your carrying it lays over your sidearm 
nicely, so you don't print as much. Doesn't work much for 
bigger fellas but then again what does. I have a lot of portly 
friends so I get to say that!
One gripe I have with the spec-ops jacket is the lack of a 
hood, and a dump pouch style pocket up front. Other than that 
the zippers seal themselves after you close them, the top 
material sheds water like a ducks ass, and the material on 
the inside won't get me too hot when I start running around. 

This is the beginning of my "A-crew" tactical clothing review. 
My next one will be on footwear. I've tried a few here and 
there. Timberlands, bates, and the usual milspec stuff along 
with some newbalance, and Nike sneakers just to mix it up a 
bit. I'm not quite there yet but when I figure it out 
you'll be the first to know.

-- Shark Out

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Teaching the next generation

The other day I took four kids to the range. Ages ranging from 8 to 24. Three of them shooting for the first time, the other shooting for the second time. I gave them the basics on safety, and proper shooting technique. And I got them all shooting steel at 500yards. 

I'm so damn proud!

They used the 308. Well..... All except for the 8 year old, 
she used the 223.

Ya know, I've built many a rifle in my day and ya know what? 
I felt as though I've accomplished more in this one day then 
I ever had learning this stuff in the first place.